Climate Sensitivity Uncertainty: When is Good News Bad?

The “likely” range for climate sensitivity has been 1.5-4.5°C for over three decades.

Push renewables to spur carbon pricing

Make wind and solar power even cheaper by opening up access to the electricity grid and ending fossil-fuel subsidies.

Energy Economics syllabus

Fall 2015

Managing Uncertain Climates

Some Guidance for Policy Makers and Researchers

The Economics of Climate Engineering

Fast, Cheap, and Imperfect

Climate Change Impacts at the National Level: Known Trends, Unknown Tails, and Unknowables

The costs of inaction

Linking sound economics with global politics

In honor of the 2014 Upton Scholar Robert N. Stavins

A balance of bottom-up and top-down in linking climate policies

Neither extreme is desirable.

Recalibrating Conservation Science Incentives

The gap between research and practice is well known in environmental sciences and policy, particularly by practitioners.

Carbon Cap and Trade

Cap and trade comes in two parts: a cap on total emissions and a system that allows trading to achieve that limit as cost-effectively as possible.


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