Climate Shock, joint with Martin L. Weitzman and published by Princeton University Press (2015). The book is a Top 15 Financial Times McKinsey Business Book of the Year 2015, Austria’s Natural Science Book of the Year 2017, and it has since been translated into a number of languages.

Climate Shock has two main themes, which are also the preoccupations of my current research:

  • Pricing climate risk
  • Policy and technology, in particular solar geoengineering

Work in progress, under review, and recently published in each:

Pricing climate risk

Applying Asset Pricing Theory to Calibrate the Price of Climate Risk” (with Kent Daniel and Robert B. Litterman; NBER Working Paper 22795, November 2016; latest version: 13 November 2017)

“Carbon prices, preferences, and the timing of uncertainty” (with William W. Hogan; presented at: Harvard Kennedy School Energy Policy Research seminar, 6 March 2017; draft paper forthcoming)

Ramsey discounting calls for subtracting climate damages from economic growth rates” (with J. Paul Kelleher; SSRN working paper, 21 November 2017)

Confronting Deep and Persistent Climate Uncertainty” (with Richard J. Zeckhauser; Harvard Kennedy School discussion paper, 4 August 2016 [latest version: 27 October 2017]; presented at: Harvard Kennedy School Energy Policy and New Directions in Regulation seminars, October 2016)

Tipping elements and climate-economic shocks: Pathways toward integrated assessment” (with Robert E. Kopp, Rachael Shwom, and Jiacan Yuan, Earth’s Future 4(8): 346–372, 2016)

“The Coming Climate G2: United States and India” (with Jonathan Camuzeaux and Thomas Sterner; prior short version published as “From Copenhagen to Paris” in Foreign Affairs, joint with Richie Ahuja)

Emissions Trading in Practice: A Handbook on Design and Implementation (World Bank Partnership for Market Readiness and International Carbon Action Partnership, 2016; part of a six-member author team at Environmental Defense Fund and Motu Economic and Public Policy Research, working with dozens of experts, including a team at Vivid Economics; since translated into Chinese 中文, Spanish, and other languages)

Climate econometrics” (joint with Sir David Hendry and Felix Pretis, University of Oxford; initiated while at EDF)

Policy and technology, in particular solar geoengineering

Policy Sequencing toward Decarbonization” (with Jonas Meckling and Thomas Sterner, Nature Energy 10.1038/s41560-017-0025-8, 13 November 2017)

Fast, cheap, and imperfect? U.S. public opinion about solar geoengineering” (with Aseem Mahajan and Dustin Tingley; 8 November 2017)

Solar Geoengineering and the Chemtrails Conspiracy on Social Media” (with Dustin Tingley, Palgrave Communications doi:10.1057/s41599-017-0014-3, 31 October 2017)

Solar geoengineering reduces atmospheric carbon burden” (with David W. Keith and Claire L. Zabel, Nature Climate Change 7: 617–619, 1 September 2017)

An Economic Anatomy of Optimal Climate Policy” (with Juan B. Moreno-Cruz and David W. Keith; HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP17-028, 14 July 2017)

(r)evolution: how Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and Washington can fix the climate (with Roland Kupers; under contract with Harvard University Press)

Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program (co-led with David Keith, Harvard University)

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