Climate Shock, joint with Martin L. Weitzman and published by Princeton University Press (2015). The book is a Top 15 Financial Times McKinsey Business Book of the Year 2015, Austria’s Natural Science Book of the Year 2017, and it has since been translated into a number of languages.

Climate Shock has two main themes, which are also the preoccupations of my current research:

  • Pricing climate risk
  • Policy and technology, in particular solar geoengineering

Work in progress, under review, and recently published in each:

Pricing climate risk

Applying Asset Pricing Theory to Calibrate the Price of Climate Risk” (with Kent Daniel and Robert B. Litterman; NBER Working Paper 22795, November 2016; latest version: 13 November 2017)

“Carbon prices, preferences, and the timing of uncertainty” (with William W. Hogan; presented at: Harvard Kennedy School Energy Policy Research seminar, 6 March 2017; draft paper forthcoming)

Prescriptivism, risk aversion, and intertemporal substitution in climate economics” (with J. Paul Kelleher; working paper, 11 February 2018; presented at: Workshop on Frontiers in Environmental Economics, Paris, December 2017)

Ramsey discounting calls for subtracting climate damages from economic growth rates” (with J. Paul Kelleher, Applied Economics Letters 2018)

Confronting Deep and Persistent Climate Uncertainty” (with Richard J. Zeckhauser; Harvard Kennedy School discussion paper, 4 August 2016 [latest version: 27 October 2017]; presented at: Harvard Kennedy School Energy Policy and New Directions in Regulation seminars, October 2016)

“The Coming Climate G2: United States and India” (with Jonathan Camuzeaux and Thomas Sterner; prior short version published as “From Copenhagen to Paris” in Foreign Affairs, joint with Richie Ahuja)

Emissions Trading in Practice: A Handbook on Design and Implementation (World Bank Partnership for Market Readiness and International Carbon Action Partnership, 2016; part of a six-member author team at Environmental Defense Fund and Motu Economic and Public Policy Research, working with dozens of experts, including a team at Vivid Economics; since translated into Chinese 中文, Spanish, and other languages)

Climate econometrics” (joint with Sir David Hendry and Felix Pretis, University of Oxford; initiated while at EDF)

Policy and technology, in particular solar geoengineering

Policy Sequencing toward Decarbonization” (with Jonas Meckling and Thomas Sterner, Nature Energy 10.1038/s41560-017-0025-8, 13 November 2017)

Fast, cheap, and imperfect? U.S. public opinion about solar geoengineering” (with Aseem Mahajan and Dustin Tingley; 8 November 2017)

Solar Geoengineering and the Chemtrails Conspiracy on Social Media” (with Dustin Tingley, Palgrave Communications doi:10.1057/s41599-017-0014-3, 31 October 2017)

Solar geoengineering reduces atmospheric carbon burden” (with David W. Keith and Claire L. Zabel, Nature Climate Change 7: 617–619, 1 September 2017)

An Economic Anatomy of Optimal Climate Policy” (with Juan B. Moreno-Cruz and David W. Keith; HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP17-028, 14 July 2017)

Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program (co-led with David Keith, Harvard University)

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