Top 15 Financial Times McKinsey Business Book of 2015, Austria's Natural Science Book of 2017

Climate Shock

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Princeton University Press is publishing Climate Shock in English worldwide. See Events for speaking engagements in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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International reviews/interviews:
中文 (Chinese): Chinese version of Pilita Clark’s Financial Times review via FT中文网.
Deutsch (German): Austria’s Natural Science Book of the Year 2017. “Klimaschock” Interview im Universum Magazin. Für eine kurze deutsche Zusammenfassung eines der Hauptargumente: Martin Kugler, “Kosten des Klimawandels,” Die Presse (17. Jänner 2015). Weitere Interviews/Berichte in: profil, trendDer Standard, Kurier, Krone sowie auf Ö1.
Español (Spanish): “El Shock Climático” Interview in Ballena Blanca.

Meanwhile, so far the book’s slated to appear in:
中文 (Chinese), simplified (China mainland) published by Hunan Science & Technology Press, complex (worldwide excluding China mainland) published by Briefing Press.
Deutsch (German), published by Ueberreuter Sachbuch.
日本人 (Japanese), published by 東洋経済 (Toyo Keizai).
Português (Portuguese), published by Bertrand Editora.
Español (Spanish), published by Antoni Bosch.
Türk (Turkish), published by Tubitak.

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