Developing the Next Generation of Economic Models of Climate Change

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

My co-authors and I are presenting two papers on long-run climate risk at this two-day conference on “Developing the Next Generation of Economic Models of Climate Change” hosted by the Heller-Hurwicz Economics Institute at the University of Minnesota:

Applying Asset Pricing Theory to Calibrate the Price of Climate Risk
Kent Daniel, Columbia University; Bob Litterman, Kepos Capital; and Gernot Wagner, Environmental Defense Fund (Discussant: Stan Zin; New York University)

Confronting Deep Uncertainty on Climate Sensitivity: When Good News is Bad News
Gernot Wagner, Environmental Defense Fund and Richard J. Zeckhauser, Harvard University (Discussant: Katheline Schubert, University of Paris)
[Update 4 August 2016: The paper has since been split into two. One version, now joint with both Richard J. Zeckhauser and Mark C. Freeman, has since been renamed “Climate Sensitivity Uncertainty: When is Good News Bad?” and published in Philosphical Transactions A. The second version, joint with Richard J. Zeckhauser, is titled: “Confronting Deep and Persistent Climate Uncertainty.”]

See the full conference program and conference website for more.

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