Applying Asset Pricing Theory to Calibrate the Price of Climate Risk

In contrast to most modeled carbon price paths, our calibration suggests a high SCC today that is expected to decline over time

The planet won’t notice you recycle, and your vote doesn’t count

But you should do it anyway. The definitive guide to screaming at, coping with, and profiting from climate change

Linking in a world of significant policy uncertainty

Climate policy requires a balance of bottom-up and top-down approaches

Harvard Seminar in Environmental Economics and Policy

Cambridge, MA

Workshop on Frontiers in Environmental Economics

Paris, France

Underwriting 1.5°C

Competitive approaches to financing accelerated climate change mitigation

Caltech Geoengineering Symposium

Pasadena, CA

Ramsey discounting calls for subtracting climate damages from economic growth rates

Consumption growth rates are an important source of uncertainty in the discount rate. Climate damages are an important source of uncertainty in consumption growth rates. When discounting climate damages growth rates must reflect the rate of those damages.

Norwegian School of Economics

Bergen, Norway

University of Bergen

Bergen, Norway

Policy sequencing toward decarbonization

Economics 101 says price carbon. Economics 102 says subsidize R&D. Political Economy 101 points to policies that support clean technology deployment.

ORF Quantensprung

Interview mit Andreas Jäger


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